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A Wishbone, a Backbone, and a Funny Bone

Looking for a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day, experience live local theater, and support Care Ring?

We have the perfect match for you!

Founded in 2012 by Carmen Bartlett and Robin Tynes, Charlotte’s Three Bone Theater takes its name from a Reba McEntire quote: “To succeed in life you need three things – a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone.”

Three Bone’s mission is to create a performing arts experience that is “socially engaged, professionally managed, and creatively inspired.”

Three Bone Theater strives to make the arts more accessible to all, using theater to create a stronger, more connected community.

Care Ring is honored to partner with Three Bone Theater on the Charlotte premier of Motherhood Outloud, a show celebrating the truths that span and unite generations.

Tickets for their upcoming shows on May 7th and 8th can be purchased here.

Come out and join us for what will be a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day weekend.

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