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Mecklenburg, Medicaid, and MedLink

MedLink – a local consortia of health care safety net providers in Mecklenburg County – envisions a community in which all residents have access to quality health care.

Care Ring is a proud supporter and member of MedLink. Our annual MedLink forum brings together providers and thought leaders from the region to discuss and share insights on how our community is providing access to care and improving the health of those with limited resources.

This year’s forum focuses on Medicaid expansion. We will look at how providers are adapting today to provide care in a state like North Carolina where we have thus far not expanded Medicaid.

A panel of leaders from the medical community and Mecklenburg County health leadership will discuss the new ways of delivering care that have been created to serve those in need. Adam Searing, a researcher at Georgetown University and a widely recognized expert on state-level Medicaid expansion opportunities, will discuss future prospects for expansion in NC.

The annual MedLink forum is your local health care safety net’s yearly gathering to share and learn from each other on best practices and prepare for the future.

This is a free event and open to all. The forum will take place Tuesday, March 10 from Noon - 4pm at CPCC's Harris Conference Center (lunch is included). Please make plans to join us and share the invitation with others interested in learning more here.

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